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DSC05096The In Deep Music Archive is an eclectic collection of music and an array of books and films. An historical and contemporary library of all available formats - Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Reel to Reel tape, 8 Track, 78RPM, VHS, DVD, Laser discs and reference books, encyclopedias, catalogues, biographies, magazines - and any information that can be used to inspire music lovers, help record collectors with information and generally introduce music to all people. Collected by Marty Willson-Piper over the past 40 years, the archive has grown into this wonderful collection through a life of scouring the record stores around the world, but also through generous donations from friends, fans and labels alike.

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fingers in ears

FREE Download Of All Marty Willson-Piper’s Solo albums, MOAT And The Noctorum Project – Or Name Your Price.

If you would like to download any of my solo albums and the Noctorum albums then you are most welcome. If you can afford a donation towards the music then that will be gratefully accepted but you may also download the records for free. The exception to this is the new MOAT record because it […]

Viola Beach telephone boxes pic

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Life & Death

14/2/16 – English Indie Band Viola Beach In Terrible Car Crash Near Stockholm – 2016 / Swings And Waterslides – BBC Maida Vale Session – 2015

Tragedy near Stockholm this weekend as Warrington band Viola Beach and their manager were killed in a car accident yesterday. Details are sparse but somehow their car went through a barrier and plunged 80 feet into a waterway below. Young innocent guys, doing what they loved their lives destroyed in seconds, their families in disbelief. The […]

YEASAYER Colour pic

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13/2/16 – Yeasayer – I Am Chemistry – 2016

At first I didn’t quite grasp Yeasayer’s fractured, modernist, electronic Pop music, too much ice cream, not enough crust on the pie. Are they designed to unnerve or offer comfort, take you away from the nasty past and ween you into an inevitable future or are they trendy nerds messing with soundscapes or just normal 21st […]

Jeff Buckley - You And I - Cover Art - 2016

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12/2/16 – Jeff Buckley – You And I -1993/2016 – I Know It’s Over / Just Like A Woman – 1993/2016

Jeff Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert will oversee the release of unreleased Jeff Buckley recordings on a new album called, You And I expected in March. The album consists of mostly covers recorded in 1993 in New York. A video has appeared for a cover of The Smiths’ I Know It’s Over and an audio version of […]

Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon - 2016 - Cover Art

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11/2/16 – Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon – 2015 / Freak – Video – 2016

Another track and  video from Lana Del Rey’s latest album Honeymoon. The song features an extended five minutes of moody piano and floating submerged characters from the video. I say characters because I’m hesitant to call them actors or cult members, or mermaids or water nymphs or Lana’s friends. Anyway it might bore you but […]

Okay Kaya B:W pic

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10/2/16 – Okay-Kaya – Clenched Teeth / Damn Gravity/ I’m Stupid (But I love You) – Videos – 2015/ Soundcloud Mix Vol 1 – 2015 – Keep On Pushin’/ Durer – 2016

From yesterdays post of Norway in 1967 to today’s post of Norway now. Okay-Kaya is so new that she there isn’t much info about her yet. Here’s what I know: Her brother was in a Black Metal band and taught her how to play songs by Satyricon, it obviously didn’t ‘t rub off on her, […]

The Dream - Get Dreamy - 1967 - Cover Art

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9/2/16 – The Dream – Get Dreamy – 1967

One of Norway’s most famous musicians, guitarist Terje Rypdal started his recording career in the early sixties with the ‘Norwegian Shadows’. The trend for instrumental guitar groups with glassy lead tones was a worldwide phenomena and The Vanguards were the Norwegian version. England had Hank Marvin but Norway had Terje Rypdal and although Rypdal is latterly […]